Explore a variety of beautiful fish tanks and aquarium ideas to create a vibrant and lively underwater world for your aquatic pets. Enhance the visual appeal of your home or office with these stunning fish tank designs.
The Underside Of A Sawfish Better Known As “I’d Like To Speak To Your Manager” Amazing Nature, Tilt, Fotografie, Macedonia, Resim, Amazing, Deep Sea, Sea Life, Underwater World

Pareidolia is not just a simple mind trick making you see funny faces on things when there actually are none. It's no sign of psychosis coming your way either, but rather a quite complex, pre-historical self-defense mechanism. Yes, it's true, seeing unlikely faces helped our ancestors survive; if you presumed that the rustling bush has a saber-toothed tigers' face hidden behind the leaves, chances are you'd run and save yourself if there actually was a beast lurking in the greenery.

Pam Gosner

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