Finger nail health

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Fingernail Analysis - do your fingers have moons? Cracks? Deviations in the nail? Color or inflammation at the edge of the nail bed? Learn what these signs mean or the implications for the absence of these signs. Art, Fingernail Health Signs, Fingernail Health, Tongue, Adrenal Gland Problems, Thyroid Problems, Nail Health Signs, Liver Disease, Health Signs

Fingernail Analysis: A good practitioner of this art can look at a patient's nails, tongue, eyes, skin and even (if they are really good) shoe wear and the pattern of moles and freckles and be able to tell which organs are weak and which are healthy. Since the nails are the last to receive oxygen because they are the farthest from the heart, they are often the first to show signs of disease processes.

Rick Earle