Fenced vegetable garden

Create a beautiful and functional fenced vegetable garden to grow your own fresh produce. Discover top ideas to design and maintain a thriving garden that will enhance your outdoor space.
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How To Deer Proof Your Garden

If you are an Albertan zone 3 gardener like me, chances are high that you struggle with keeping deer away from your plants. It is absolutely disheartening to go outside and realize the plants you have been carefully tending indoors the past 3 months and just planted outside, are destroyed by the deer. There are a number of options for keeping deer out of the garden.Disclosure: This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program…

Cathy Smith
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A garden fence ... finally!

If you had told me last March when I wrote on this blog about my rather grand plan for a new vegetable garden that I would still be updating you on it nine months later, well, I probably wouldn’t have done it. Suffice to say, I had no idea what a big project I was […]

Anna Stubbs
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23 Durable DIY Garden Fence Ideas To Keep Your Gaden Safe

Starting my own garden was a mix of excitement and challenge. I wanted to grow my own vegetables and flowers, but I quickly learned that keeping animals and pests out was going to be my biggest hurdle. I needed a solution that was both strong and wouldn't break the bank. After some research, I decided to build a DIY garden fence. It seemed daunting at first, but I was determined to protect my little green oasis. I experimented with different materials and designs to see what worked best for…

Sheila Zickefoose