Feelings and emotions

Dive into the world of human emotions and discover how they shape our lives. Find inspiration, insights, and practical tips to better understand and navigate your own feelings.
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In this activity children will create feelings faces to explore different feelings to build their emotional intelligence... Did you know that including social emotional learning activities when teaching can lead to better academic performance? For so long, schools focused only on teaching academics, but with more and more research, people are understanding the value in

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Teach vocabulary to do with feelings with this useful list of feelings and emotions in English. One of the first things English language students learn is how to ask 'How are you?' and to answer by describing how they are feeling. Beginner learners often learn feelings such as 'happy', 'sad', 'hungry', 'tired', etc, but there are so many more feelings and emotions in English. Below you will find a list of feelings and emotions with pictures and example sentences. You'll be able to download…

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