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Explore stunning concept art for fantasy rooms that will transport you to enchanting worlds. Discover top ideas to inspire your own dreamy and imaginative room designs.
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Inspired by the literary series: The Belgariad - The Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings Cherek Palace is a cold sophisticated location in the series. King Ahneg is a wise, inquisitive leader with an interest in astrology. His study is located on one of the highest towers of the palace and is cluttered with books and tables filled with intricate devices to study solar systems.

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Workshops concepts created for Everquest Next architectural styles - made as freelance artist for DayBreak Game Company. The purpose was to help the community of players building voxel assets in LandmarkGame for the game EQN. (Style guide was provided by the developpers)

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Phantom thief's workshop features various areas from Dressing room, makeup area, Info gathering station, dress making area to storage area where the thief briefly stores his stolen goods. The goods are stored away behind storage rooms while pictures of the item are placed proudly in the room suggests how he's not interested in the value object but rather enjoys the thrill and sees experience as his true trophy.

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