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Unleash your creativity with a collection of unique fantasy instruments. Explore a world of musical enchantment and find the perfect instrument to bring your imagination to life.
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Lute: the neck of the Renaissance lute was bent back; the strings were tuned in pairs and the fingerboard had frets. Viols: Flat back and six strings. Fretted fingerboard. Viols were held upright in front of the player rather than tucked under the chin Crumhorn: double-reed instrument Sackbut: It's an early kind of trombone. Trumpet: Without the valve system we know today (it was invented in the 19th century). The different notes were obtained by varying the lip pressure Percussion…

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Flutes (笛, Fue?) are a recurring weapon type in the Final Fantasy series. They are wielded by a variety of job classes. Though not an equippable weapon type, the Wind Flute is a battle item that when used, calls forth a whirlwind to do damage. Eiko, a White Mage, can equip flutes as her weapon. She uses them as blunt physical weapons. She plays them when casting magic and in victory poses, but this is merely cosmetic. List of flutes: Golem's Flute Lamia's Flute Fairy Flute Hamelin Siren's…

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