Facial muscles

Discover powerful facial muscle exercises to tighten and tone your face, reducing the signs of aging. Try these exercises today and achieve a more youthful and vibrant look.
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3D Model of a Male face. It has color-coding allocating the facial muscles. However, this is more of an art than an information piece. Our book "Anatomy of Facial Expressions" goes into a deeper description and studies of human facial muscles. https://anatomy4sculptors.com/collections/books/products/anatomy-of-facial-expression-paperback

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Greetings, Here is a great web page from Dr. Robert Droual, Professor of Anatomy & Physiology at Modesto Junior College, listing muscles, locations of origin and insertion, and actions of the muscles. http://droualb.faculty.mjc.edu/Lecture%20Notes/Unit%203/muscles%20with%20figures.htm I hope you find the my thoughts on these images helpful! Best, Catherine Of particular interest to wind/brass players and vocalists: Muscles at the Floor of the Mouth These muscles elevate the hyoid bone and…