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Discover the latest collection of stylish and unique Face a Face eyewear. Find the perfect pair that matches your personal style and make a statement with your eyewear choice.
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Think fast forward contemporary design, think French, think work of art. And while you're at it, through in a bit of avant garde and a whole lot of color and you'll be conjuring up the Face a Face collection of designer frames. That's because every pair of Face a Face frames starts out as an architectural vision. Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth may have collaborated as eyewear designers when they founded Face a Face eyewear in 1995 but they never lost sight of their first true loves –…

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A survey found that wearing glasses makes you appear 75% more attractive to the opposite sex. Do you fancy sporting a new pair of glasses but are worried that choosing the wrong shape might make you look bad? Perhaps you’ve read complex guides on how to find your face shape, but are still unsure how to proceed. Don’t worry, read on to find answers to all your glasses-related questions.

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How to pick the perfect pair of glasses

4 MINUTE READ Last week I sat on my specs. Not for the first time, but this time they’re a goner. The legs are splayed so wide that they would only fit a supersize face - Harvey Weinstein’s, for example, but fortunately, he’s not lurking about anywhere in the vicinity,

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