Fable legends

Embark on an epic adventure in Fable Legends, where you can choose your path, forge alliances, and battle fearsome creatures. Join the legends and become a hero in this immersive gaming experience.
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Character Concept - Fable Legends, Mike McCarthy

Well, the 3D model is out there, so here's a character concept for a Fable Legends hero that never made it.... A balverine slayer who is half balverine! I also designed the rotating crossbow cages, iron bolts fire forward and chip "bullets" from the crystal mounted at the front. Thought they were quite cool! Pencil sketch, Painter colours, PS editing.

Steve Blaylock
ArtStation - Leech - Fable Legends hero, Mike McCarthy Fantasy Art, Character Concept, Fable Legends, The Legend Of Heroes, Rpg Character, Character Creation, Creature Design, Pencil Drawing, Dungeons And Dragons

Gambit, Ng Lee Ming

Concept art by Marco Cecchetto. A Fanart I made for my last assignment in 3D sense. Sculpted in Zbrush and Maya Polypainted in Zbrush Rendered with Zbrush and composited in Photoshop Please check out my facebook also! for more WIP and followups :) facebook.com/gohoucha also, I am participating in the Rookies of the year! It will be great if you can vote for me :D http://www.therookies.co/vfx-animation/rookie-of-the-year-vfx/anson-ng-lee-ming/

Roope Ahonen