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Covet NYC - 172 Madison Avenue the most coveted address

According to the statistics, rice consumption per capita stalled in Hong Kong. Rice has slowly lost its role of food staple in our diet. Rice Exhibition aims to shed the spotlight on the grains of rice that account the history of Hong Kong. The visual i…

Apple Wong
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Tyler Mitchell, a Rising Star of Photography, Steps Into His Own

With I Can Make You Feel Good, Mitchell goes beyond his commercial photography to revisit his roots, documenting Black youths enjoying simple pleasures.

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Escher x Nendo: A Transcendental Exhibit in the Cultural Heart of Australia

The Escher X nendo | Between Two Worlds exhibit housed inside the NGV in Melbourne, Australia, is an exhibit that's like walking into a documentary and for brief moments you feel like you are inside Escher’s head.

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How to Get Sponsors for Producing an Art Exhibition Show | ehow.com

An art exhibition show involves many expenses, from renting a venue to publicity, printing banners and providing food and drinks for the guests. The ideal way to cover these expenses is to find sponsors.

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