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Elevate your event rental business with unique and affordable ideas to make your events stand out. Find everything you need to create memorable experiences for your clients.
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11 things I would purchase if I started my party rental business over. — Ordinary Wild

Have you ever thought about starting a party rental business or wondered what equipment would give your the biggest return on investment. Here are the 11 things I would purchase if I started my party rental business over.

Sanja Memisevic
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So You Want To Start A Party Rental Business?

Listen to this blog post here Are you interested in starting your own business and came across the party rental industry? Do you love the idea of setting up parties for excited guests? Do you love the creativity that comes along with owning a party rental business? What does starting a party rental business actually entail? There is a reason you stumbled across a party rental business in your research for starting a new business. It's a popular business to start! The great thing about a…

Elizabeth Allen
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Top 10 Most Popular Party Rental Items

Listen to this blog post here As a party rental business, it's important to know what the most requested items are so that you can ensure you have them in stock and are meeting the needs of your clients. In this post, we'll go over the top 10 most requested items for party rental businesses, including the different options available for each item and the average cost to purchase this equipment for your business. 1: Tables and Chairs Tables and chairs are a staple for any party or event, and…

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