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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of English culture. Discover its traditions, history, and iconic landmarks. Experience the vibrant arts, music, and cuisine that make English culture truly unique.
North Waltham Mummers, Hampshire, c. 1949 (Photographer: Douglas Dickins). Mummers’ Plays are a form of traditional drama, usually performed in the streets with a small but varied cast including St. George, the Turk, a doctor, and sometimes Santa Claus. Most mummers’ plays feature a combat scene in which a combatant is wounded or killed and then miraculously revived by the doctor. The costume varies from region to region, but those in Hampshire are known for their “tattered” jackets. British Costume, Pagan Rituals, Traditional Song, The Turk, Folk Dance, New Museum, Traditional English, Folk Costume, Wonderful World

The English Folk Dance and Song Society introduces you to the wonderful world of British folk customs by delving into their photographic collection From its abundance of traditional songs, tunes and dances, to its strange but locally revered calendar customs, English communities...

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