Energy efficient buildings

Discover innovative ideas to create energy efficient buildings that reduce your carbon footprint. Upgrade your space with sustainable features and technologies for a greener future.
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Using natural circumstances to lessen the need for artificial or mechanical climate control is known as passive design Strategies. This means making the most of natural components by optimizing a building's layout, materials, openings, and orientation, which will ultimately improve environmental comfort. When these techniques are widely used, individual buildings become more ecologically friendly and their overall energy usage is drastically decreased.

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Realigning the design of building envelopes within the measures of air, light and heat has rendered possible an inventive form of practice whose benefits are far in excess of the metrics of data and analysis. For many of its most advanced practitioners, the contemporary design of facades engages the true potential of “performance” when it deepens, broadens and complicates the theoretical dimension of this most liminal of surfaces. Of particular interest to this paper is a discussion of new…

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