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Embroidery Picture Columcille Megalith Park, Realistic Style, Hand Embroidery Art I embroider in my unique style, mixing different types of stitches. I use different types of threads and the finest needles. As a result, I get a realistic effect in my embroidery. As a basis, I used a high-quality strong canvas for artists and threads. This picture is protected by a custom wooden frame with the museum glass. The frame is ready to hang. - Avoid direct sunlight on the picture. - Please…

Sunset 07
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Little by little I've mentioned in my posts some mistakes that you might be making as a hand embroidery beginner and warned you from some other things that you can do as a rookie. But all of it is scattered around the blog, so I thought it is a high time I make a compilation and gather all of that in one place. So here we go! The list of the most common mistakes as a hand embroidery beginner: 1. Not taking your fabric out of the hoop after stitching session So, let's say, you have an…

Adrienne James
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I was born in Moscow, studied and grew up in a small, but a very cozy city in the Kharkov region, Ukraine. I graduated from Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Specialty - project manager.

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