Easy group costume ideas

Get inspired with these fun and easy group costume ideas that are perfect for any occasion. From superheroes to movie characters, find the perfect costume for your group and make a statement together.
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Whether you're looking for last minute Halloween costume ideas or are planning ahead, there are many cute ideas for a group of 3! Today I'm sharing my favorite Halloween costume ideas for three people. These

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The BEST Plumbob on Etsy. The Plumbob is used to show the mood of playable Sims. If the Sim is in a very good mood, the Plumbob will be a bright, deep green. As the Sim's mood gets lower, the green will become paler until it becomes a sort of neutral colour - orange or yellow. A Sim in a bad mood will have a red plumbob, and the red will get brighter and deeper as the Sim's mood gets worse. Show your mood this Halloween or all year round with this plumbob headband. Comfy and lightweight…

Hyllie Frith