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"The Whirling Dervishes" by Mahmud Said (Painting) Contemporary Art, Painter, Beautiful Art, Iranian Art, Fine Art, Books Art, Middle Eastern Art, Modern Art, Eastern Art

Mahmoud Said (Egyptian, 1897-1964) The Whirling Dervishes signed and dated 'M. SAID 1929' (lower right) oil on panel 38 3/8 x 27½in. (97.5 x 69.8cm.) Painted in 1929 Sold by Christie's. Mahmoud Said was a central figure in modern Egyptian art, born in Alexandria. He is called the 'father of Egyptian modern art.' He abandoned his career as a court judge when he turned fifty to dedicate himself to his art full-time. His paintings are much sought after by collectors. A museum dedicated to his…

Jane Dukuray
Splendor and simplicity of Korean art Korean Painting, Korean Art, Chinese Art, Chinese Painting, Korean Traditional, Japan Art, Japanese Prints, Asian Art, Japanese Flowers

Rare pieces of Korean traditional art, spanning from the Bronze Age to the 19th-century Joseon era, have been brought together to present the exquisite beauty of Korean art this summer. The Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art showcases national treasures of Korea and valuable Korean artifacts on loan from leading foreign art institutions that highlight lavish features, exquisite details and refined artistry. Crown, 5-6th...

방장산 이글
Ikebana-of-Soho-Sensei-493x493 Floral, Dekorasyon, Hoa, Bouquet, Flores, Bunga, Arreglos Florales, Beautiful Flowers, Japanese Flowers

Practising the art of Ikebana - vintage photo from Japan I like the Zen aesthetic of Ikebana flower arrangements where space is as important as the detail. The graceful, clean lines are given room to express their elegance and the favoured asymmetrical forms reinforce the dynamic. Silence was traditionally a prerequisite for practising Ikebana and the Zen masters valued it as a contemplative art form. The art of Ikebna has been taught for over 450 years. Instead of an array of colourful…

Denise Sainer
http://truefaith7.hubpages.com/hub/moon-paintings Art Nouveau, Eastern Art, Japanese Artwork, Traditional Art, Japanese Woodblock Printing, Chinese Art, Chinese Painting, Asian Art, Japanese Traditional

Moon paintings have been a part of Chinese and Japanese art for many centuries. Images of the moon are strongly associated with these two countries. This article explores the history of these paintings and prints and the meaning of the moon in Chinese and Japanese artwork.

Sacred Images by Jennifer Cobb