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Easter Egger chickens are a longstanding flock favorite, from their colorful eggs to their varied looks, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Class: Not Recognized Origin: United States Comb Type: Pea Popular Colors: Varies Standard Size: 4 Pounds (Hen) 5 Pounds (Rooster) Egg Color: Blue, Green or Pinkish/Cream Egg Size: Large Production: 3 to 4 Eggs Per Week Hardiness: Cold & Heat Hardy Disposition: Friendly, Active, Skittish Little Muff loves to scratch through leaves for a hidden…

Amie Buell
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Americana chickens are often mistaken for other breeds like Easter Eggers, Araucanas, or Ameraucanas. Let’s solve this identity crisis once and for all, and discover what an Americana chicken really is. What is an Americana Chicken? An Americana chicken is an Easter Egger, resulting from crossbreeding an Ameraucana and an Araucana. These chickens are a […]