Easter egger chicken eggs

Add a pop of color to your Easter egg hunt with vibrant Easter Egger chicken eggs. Discover the joy of finding these unique and beautiful eggs that will delight both kids and adults alike.
3 heavy bloom true cotton candy pink colored easter egger chicken breeding hatching eggs are shown on a white surface with fresh pink carnations, white and blush daisies and white baby's breath flowers with text that reads how to breed pink egg layers backyard chicken keeping egg colors Pink, Cute Chickens, Chickens, Chicken Breeds, Chicken Coloring, Hatching Eggs, Garten, Rare Chicken Breeds, Chicken Lady

Are sweet, cotton candy pink chicken eggs the color you want to add to your egg basket next? Wondering how breeders are getting such awesome pastel shades that seem impossible? If you’re on the hunt for these rare hatching eggs or the secret breeding recipe to create pink hued Easter Egger eggs, you have found it! Here is how to get pink colored chicken eggs:

Carine Buitendach

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