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Explore a variety of apartments available for rent in the vibrant neighborhood of East Village, NYC. Find your perfect home in this lively and eclectic community today.
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The East Village is New York City‘s original counterculture neighborhood. As the birthplace of punk rock, dozens of major musicians launched their careers here, such as Madonna, Blondie, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd and The Strokes to name a few. Despite the changes that have swept the neighborhood over the last thirty years, East Village clings to it’s alternative past and longtime residents still march to …

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It's crazy to think I've been living in NYC for almost three years now! Life is flying by from how much fun it has been living in the city! Anyways, during these past few years, myself and many friends have moved all over NYC to find the most reasonable apartment. When you are in your young 20's, it's easier to compromise because it's only a temporary home you are living in. Finding a new NYC home with space, nice appliances and a great location is difficult. I follower of my

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