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Discover a wide range of drum head accessories to improve the sound quality and durability of your drums. Explore top ideas for choosing the right drum heads and achieving your desired drumming style.
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About this item 20" diameter bass drum head Warm tones due to a poly-spun fiber single layer of 7.5 mil Mylar film They're known for their warm full tones, resonance, and sustain The Fiberskyn 3 Diplomat surface is excellent for sticks, mallets and brushes F3 Diplomat heads produce a balanced spectrum of sound for snares and tom-toms. They are best known as the industry standard for Jazz and Orchestral applications

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About this item 14" Diameter Warmer than clear Emperor with bigger mid range tones Quickly becoming one of Remo’s most popular Weathering heads Made with two free-floating plies of 7. 5-Mil Mylar film, which gives consistent open warm tones which accounts for their popularity among many of today’s studio and rock drummers Snare/Tom Drum head

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About this item LAYER OF OIL: 22" drum head with a thin layer of oil between two plies of film to suppress unwanted overtones TWO PLIES: Two plies offer consistency and durability for longer playing time EARLY ROCK SOUND: A fat, deep and short sound pioneered by early 70's rock and roll EXCLUSIVE LEVEL 360: Exclusive Level 360 Technology collar design ensures proper contact between drum head and drum shell MADE IN THE USA: All Evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the…