Dried oranges

Discover unique and creative ideas for incorporating dried oranges into your home decor. From wreaths to potpourri, explore how dried oranges can add a touch of natural beauty to your living space.
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What could be more festive than a gorgeous orange garland (or slices) in combination with some fresh pine in time for Christmas? They add such a stunning visual with just the right amount of texture and a perfect pop of colour with the deep greens of Christmas season. These beautiful slivers of citrus are so

Paige Laug

Elevate your living space with the vibrant and sustainable citrus garland. Brake the plastic holiday decor trend and invite nature into your home. Measuring 1.5 or 2m meters in length, this stunning home decor piece is handcrafted from an array of dried orange, grapefruit and lemon slices and star anise, creating a burst of vivid colors and natural fragrance. Slices are hand strung to cotton embroidery thread with wooden beads , wooden ornaments on both ends and loops to hang by. It can be…

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My mum makes these every year for Christmas and it makes the kitchen smell wonderful. Whether you're using them for wreath garnishes, wrapping decorations, cocktail or dessert garnishes, a flavour addition to a hot herbal tea or even just to dip in chocolate and eat - these are absolutely beautiful and can last years. I don't have a dehydrator so you need to set your oven to a very low heat and allow a few hours for this. I have them in the background when I've got a day working from home…