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Learn how to make your own doll with this step-by-step tutorial. Create a one-of-a-kind doll that reflects your style and personality. Start crafting today!
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’m sculpting my second ball-jointed doll and I’ve decided to document all the process! A few years ago when I was just trying to understand how ball-jointed dolls actually work, there was almost no information about the topic. Now, people are sharing a little bit more on Instagram or Facebook groups

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Have you wanted to make a doll for a long time, but didn't know how? I think I can help you. All you need is basic sewing skills, my PDF tutorial and video. Even if you are new to doll making, you should be able to master it by following my instructions. ... The doll is about 20 cm tall. Textbook in English and Russian! The tutorial consists of -34 pages -98 photos with explanations -instruction - 6 video files that you immediately download from the link that is in the instructions (if you…

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Hello again my dear crafty friends! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite tools in my studio. And I found one of them in the cake making isle. Yes my friends I do love my Wilton® 9" Foundant Rolling Pin. I so easy to roll out my Creative Paperclay evenly, at the perfect thickness for easy cutting and shaping. Roll the perfect 4mm (1/8in) height great to used in many sculpting projects. I like the slide-on adjustable rubber rings. It help to create the perfect clay sheet. The beauty of…

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Ball jointed dolls are fully-articulated dolls made from urethane resin. The original dolls were made by Volks in Japan, but other companies in China and South Korea have begun making them too. Although making your own ball jointed doll...

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When making handmade soft rag dolls, there are lots of options for how to make the hair! Some dolls have permanent hair dos that are sewn on, usually out of felt, and others have actual wigs made of yarn. The latter is what I’m sharing a tutorial for today — and I think you’ll be surprised at how ea

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