Doll shoe patterns

Make your dolls shine with unique and creative shoe patterns. Discover top ideas and step-by-step tutorials to create stunning shoes for your dolls.
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Updated: 5/20/21 I am again updating my Doll Shoe Sizes. Hopefully, this will help you when you go to purchase shoes for one of your dolls. Always remember, when ordering doll shoes, that going by millimeters or inch measurements is best! I have found a 54mm shoe called a size 6 and a size 8! Below is a link to a shoe size chart from "Prilly Charmin's Doll Shop" Prilly Charmin Shoe Size Chart The chart I have made below is mostly to help me find shoe sizes for my personal doll collection. I…

Ann Leary
The short boots of felt for simple felt doll.

The short boots of felt for simple felt doll. It doesn't need seam allowance. Cut instep and sole. Punch eyelets. Put a little glue on the edge of eyelets to reinforce. Stitch the front (A-B). Stitch the sole to the instep. Tie a shoestring (about 20 centimeters). Other shoes. Make small gathers on the toe. Stitch the sole to the instep. Pattern of leg and shoes.

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I've been working, on and off, for the last couple or weeks on some small footwear. Mary, my Izannah walker style doll can be made with bare feet, or painted boots, and the bare foot girl has been very patiently waiting for some shoes to add to her wardrobe. Mary - Izannah Walker Inspired Although many of the original Izannah Walker dolls have painted, laced ankle boots, I noticed that so many pictures of girls from the mid 19th Century showed them wearing ankle strap shoes, so I thought…

Amy Thyr