Doll house furniture diy how to make

Learn how to make your own doll house furniture with these DIY ideas. Get creative and personalize your doll house with unique and budget-friendly furniture pieces.
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Best DIY Dollhouse Furniture

When my daughter decided to make a dollhouse as her 2nd grade class project, we were suddenly coming up with and searching for ideas to create the best DIY dollhouse furniture – mostly kid friendly projects. As we were searching, my own imagination was captured. There are some amazing ideas out there, and you could really...Read More

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How to Make a Braided Rug for Your Dolls House

A 1:12 scale braided rug If you can plait your hair and have ten minutes to spare, then you can make a braided rug for your dollshouse. That's how quick and easy it is! You will need: embroidery cotton tacky glue piece of felt scissors waxed paper something heavy e.g. a tin of baked beans! I used an embroidery cotton that had variegated shades of blue in it. It sits in the bathroom of my Edwardian dolls house, beside the bath. You can choose a piece of felt for the rug's backing in a colour…

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22 DIY DollHouse - How To Build A Doll House

Building a dollhouse for a girl child looks like a big deal and an expensive project, but guess what? Building a DIY dollhouse is not one bit stressful. It is o

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25 DIY Dollhouse Furniture Ideas Out Of Household Items

Making your own dollhouse furniture is a fun and creative way to use household items, such as cardboard, foam board, popsicle sticks, matchboxes, and more. You can also paint, glue, and fabricate them to suit your style and preference. Learn how to make dollhouse furniture with these 25 easy DIY dollhouse furniture ideas that you can try at home. Whether you want to make a cozy bed, a stylish sofa, a modern coffee table, or a realistic kitchen, you will find some inspiration here. One of the…