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Discover fun and easy DIY vinyl projects that will bring your love for music to life. From personalized record collections to custom wall art, get inspired to create your own unique vinyl creations.
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Last Valentine's day I was still in a newborn fog, unsure what day it was. I certainly wasn't making any Valentine's. And while this year, I'm still figuring out all this mom stuff, I got my you-know-what together enough to make little Valentine's for Judes friends! (Let's be real, he's one, he doesn't have friends, its just my friends kids haha.) Anywho, if you didn't know, Jude is named after the Beatles song "Hey Jude". His dad is a huge Beatles fan and I'm a fan of somewhat unique names…

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A Side Table April Starr of The Flourishing Abode came up with an amazing idea. She combined an old vinyl record with a metal planter stand with a hot glue gun and voila! The incredible result is in front of you. Butterfly Wall Art THREADsence Blog has shared a stunningly creative wall art idea. You can create some really amazing butterflies for your wall by heating and cutting vinyl records. Magazine Racks Image via: Mary’s Making , Cheap Crafting Retro Floor and Table Lamps Image via…

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