Diy forge

Discover how to make a forge at home with these DIY ideas. Learn the process and materials needed to start forging your own metal creations.
8 Homemade Forge Plans To Build Your Own Forge for Free

Building your very own DIY forge is an exciting journey that beckons any craftsman interested in metalworking. This guide provides a comprehensive look into the world of crafting a blacksmith forge from scratch. With 15 homemade DIY forge plans at your disposal, you're set to build a forge that not only meets your blacksmithing needs but also reflects your personal craftsmanship style. Making a forge is about choosing the right type, gathering necessary materials, and funneling those into a…

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Brake Drum Forge - Beginning Blacksmithing: About a year ago I decided that I wanted to try blacksmithing. To me, It seemed like an amazing hobby to pick up. The shaping and forming of metal meant that I could make any tool that I would need for any project. It also allowed me to use metal li…

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