Diy cedar planter box

Enhance your garden with a handmade cedar planter box. Learn how to build your own and enjoy the satisfaction of growing your favorite plants in a custom-made container.

Learn how to build this DIY Planter Box with just a few tools, free plans, a how-to video and a step-by-step tutorial by Shanty2Chic.

Stephanie Giguere
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Make an ideal DIY planter box design for your garden or balcony. Learn how to make planter boxes with these 30 free DIY planter box plans, including step-by-step instructions for adding greenery to your space. These free planter box plans cover everything from simple wooden planter boxes to more detailed and aesthetically pleasing cedar planter box plans. With step-by-step instructions and clear visual illustrations, even a beginner can start building beautiful DIY planter boxes. From flower…

Kathy Keefer