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Take control of your schedule with these creative DIY calendar ideas. Discover how to personalize your own calendar and stay organized in style.
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DIY Personalized Calendar #GiftsatMichaels - Keeping it Simple

Disclosure: I was selected to review this product and have been compensated for it. All opinions are 100% my own. Just today someone said to me "I'll see you next year.". Can you believe that we are just weeks away from a new year? That means that it's time to get out a new calendar.

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Kick Off 2019 Simply Organized - Simply Organized

New year. Fresh start. Don’t roll your eyes at me! I know, I know – it’s all you’re hearing. And you may already be at the breaking point…ready to smack someone on the forehead. The chatter about getting organized, healthy, setting new goals, reducing debt, mending friendships…or leaving behind the negative ones – ha! – […]

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Celebrate December with Valerie O’Neall | Elle's Studio Blog

Welcome to Celebrate December at Elle's Studio! The month of December will be packed with Holiday inspiration, projects, layouts, and gift ideas from many talented designers. Be sure to check the Elle's Studio blog everyday for prizes, giveaways, and inspiration!Today we have Valerie O'Neall with us with a wonderful gift idea! Valerie is on our current design

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2017 Calendar Project with Concord & 9th Stamps!

Hey everyone! Happy (almost) New Year! I hope you had a really wonderful Christmas this year! It's always strange the week after Christmas, don't you think? It's like soooo many days (months?) of build up, and then poof, it's all over! I usually feel a bit of Christmas let down in the days after. Then it's time to begin the process of putting everything away and saying good bye to all the festivities. I miss it!! But, the one good thing about this week, is that we can plan and get excited…

Janice Kilborn
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33 DIY Calendars To Start The New Year Off Right

We are officially looking forward to the new now that we found the best calendars for the occasion. Sure, this year may still have a few more months left in it, but when it comes to planning and organizing essentials, having a calendar to get next year in order before it arrives, is pretty much

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