Diy backpack tutorial

Learn how to make your own backpack with this easy step-by-step tutorial. Start your DIY project today and create a unique backpack that reflects your personal style.
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Difficulty: Cost: $0-20 depending on what you have in your fabric stash How cool is this backpack?! This is another Ali creation in my attempts to use up my massive stash of denim pant legs, left over from many, many pairs of shorts. Denim is a great, tough material and I thought, what better to make from lovely strong fabric, but a backpack! This bag really doesn't take as much fabric as you might expect; I was able to make it entirely from pieces out of my scrap basket. It took one pair of…

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Whether you have oversized baggy or skin tight old jeans, follow the step by step sewing tutorial to make a backpack from old jeans. This DIY backpack sewing pattern is easy to follow and can be made from scratch using denim or canvas fabric as well. How to make backpack from old jeans? Prepare the ...

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My kids just went back to school this week……and I feel like I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to do this summer. I had a whole bunch of items on my “Let’s Play This Summer” list. And well, we only crossed off a few things. Having a baby trumped a bunch of items …

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