Different tattoo styles names

Discover the various tattoo styles and their names to find inspiration for your next ink. From traditional to realism, explore the diverse world of tattoo art and choose a style that suits your personality.
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Here's a sample of the fonts I've got, click on the photo for a closer look. Also, send me any suggestions, or let me know if there's one you want and I'll find it. If you want to see what your name will look like, go to dafont.com and search for the font, then type in your name and it will show your name in that font. Like this: http://www.dafont.com/tattoo-lettering.font?text=STEFFIN%27+RAZOR

Krystal Marie
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Yup, what you’re about to see is a total and complete deception! A deception that’s worthy of being put in a museum to fool the eyes and brains of the spectators! That’s right; these exceptional optical illusion tattoos are of the most exquisite kind and absolutely worthy of being called works of art. But you know what they say - seeing is believing, so why don’t you hang around and check out our collection of illusion tattoos with your own two eyes (although it might still seem like they're…

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