David lean

Explore the iconic films directed by David Lean, a true master of storytelling. Discover the epic tales and unforgettable characters that have made Lean a legend in the world of cinema.
David Lean (1908 - 1991) Director known for his sweeping epics, "Lawrence of Arabia", "Dr. Zhivago", "The Bridge on the River Kwai", "A Passage to India" Boris Pasternak, A Passage To India, Doctor Zhivago, Zorba The Greek, David Lean, Story Of David, British Movies, Dr Zhivago, Julie Christie

Sir David Lean (1908-1991) - Find a Grave...

Motion Picture Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Editor. Raised in a Quaker household where films and theatre were disapproved of; he was 16 before he saw his first film, but he was captivated. In 1927, he earned him a month's trial, without pay, as the tea boy at Gaumont Studios. Enthusiastic and ambitious, he moved...