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(2) "AVENGE"STEP SIBLINGS ( MAFIA×AGENT AU) FT•TXT, BP, BTS, SKZ - ♠︎EPILOGUE♠︎ - Page 3 - Wattpad Nature, Art, Forest Wallpaper Iphone, Dark Forest Aesthetic, Forest Wallpaper, Green Nature Wallpaper, Forest Background, Green Nature, Dark Forest

Sometimes life is unfair , it's the destiny of the life, But what if that destiny can change the whole person or themselves Yn, A depressed , arrogant, cold person She is gonna have 16 step siblings Roya, Yn's another step sister hates her for a lie, lie? This is not a cliché story where yn have step siblings who hate her, abuse her mentally , physically and her forgiving them at last Nor the one where she gets overprotective brothers and sisters. It is something different. I tried my best…

lost at sea