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Immerse yourself in the revolutionary world of Dada art. Discover captivating ideas and inspiration to create your own Dada masterpieces that challenge traditional artistic conventions.
PaperArtsy: 2020 #9 Topic Introduction: Collage It Art Projects, Art Lessons, Patchwork, Collage, Diy Artwork, Collage Art, Paper Collage Art, Collage Art Projects, Collage Art Mixed Media

2020 Topic 9: Collage It Hi everyone, Keren here to kick off our latest topic which is all about collage. From our earliest memories of making things, we probably did some elements of collage but hopefully we've all developed a more sophisticated style by now! In its basic form, (strictly speaking) collage is a picture created by sticking other pictures or paper (or thinner substances) together to create a new image. Its 'next of kin' is probably assemblage and it would be easy to blur the…

Lara Jo Hammond
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