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Cheap Dollar Store toys become bizarre, mashed-up works of art | Dangerous Minds Tumblr, Upcycling, Marvel Red Skull, The Island Of Dr Moreau, Island Of Dr Moreau, Dr Moreau, Designer Toys Vinyl, Bootleg Toys, Weird Toys

A plastic wrestling action figure mashed-up with a Marvel ‘Red Skull’ action figure becomes ‘DEVO the Barbarian.’ Perhaps taking notes from H.G. Wells 1896 novel The Island of Dr. Moreau, the fantastic Tumblr Dollar Store Combine features odd creations that were made by mashing-up items that were found at discount merchants like the Dollar Store or 99 Cents Only. After getting its start in 2014, Dollar Store Combine has continued to post images of fantastically weird cheap plastic hybrids…

Dylan Collins