Crochet basics

Learn the essential basics of crochet and unlock a world of creativity. From mastering the basic stitches to creating beautiful projects, discover everything you need to know to get started with crochet.
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6+ Basic Crochet Stitches for Beginners in Amigurumi Patterns

The following basic crochet stitches are perfect for beginners, especially in amigurumi patterns. If you are an amigurumi lover, you can't resist the

Salena Napora
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Reading Crochet Patterns

This is another one of my eclectic posts. I have a new Great Granddaughter on the way, and will be crocheting things that I am now pinning on Pinterest. This instruction list will be most helpful. With this post, the only thing I need to get up here is the afghan stitch, and I'm all set to renew my ability. I have been slacking since the kids started school, and I went back to work. I'm cutting back on the jobs I take, so have more play time. I'm looking forward to making some things for the…

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Quick Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Wondering what is the easiest thing to crochet as a beginner? Check out this list of over 25 easy crochet patterns for beginners. You're sure to find some favorite simple crochet projects.