Crazy Houses

Explore a collection of unique and unconventional crazy houses that will leave you in awe. Get inspired to think outside the box and create your own extraordinary living space.
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Many of us strive to be unique and stand out from the crowd. We express ourselves through the clothes we wear, our totally rad hairstyles, and what we talk about. But probably the most significant statement that we can make about our character is by choosing where we live and work. Would we love to work in a giant panda-shaped building? Definitely. Would yours truly like to live in a moody Victorian châtelet in the middle of some mysterious misty mountain woods that you couldn’t find on a…

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Bad design comes in all shapes and sizes. Even if we agree that taste is subjective, we can't help but scratch our heads looking at weird furniture, pointless products or just really, really awful buildings. Sometimes designers can have so many ideas that they end up choosing them all at once. And it shows.

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