Crafts with pipe cleaners

Unleash your creativity with these fun and easy craft ideas using pipe cleaners. From adorable animals to colorful jewelry, discover endless possibilities to make with pipe cleaners.

Looking for fun-filled activities for kids. Explore the simplicity and beauty of easy crafting ideas using pipe cleaners, perfect for introducing children to the world of DIY. Spark their imagination with these delightful flower craft ideas, allowing them to create colorful bouquets and DIY decorations with just a few simple materials.

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These easy pipe cleaner daffodils and tulips have to be the PRETTIEST things I've ever made from pipe cleaners! I really can't help myself from buying pipe cleaners. I see them at the dollar store all bright and rainbow coloured, and my crazy craft brain kicks in and I find myself throwing bags of them in the shopping cart without even thinking about it. Then I get them home and I have NO IDEA what to do with them. What do you use pipe cleaners for?? If you're as stumped as I am about what…

Brit Erickson

These braided pipe cleaner bracelets are so cute, and they can be made in less than 10 minutes using simple craft supplies. Combine pipe cleaners and beads to make these easy and fun pipe cleaner bracelets! Pipe Cleaner Bracelets Pipe cleaner bracelets are such a fun pipe cleaner craft! They're so simple to make AND they're a no mess craft (my favourite!). Because these pipe cleaner bracelets are so easy to make, they're a perfect activity for summer camp, Girls Scouts, or just for fun at…

Charmaine Tan
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Pipe cleaner crafts for kids are perfect for sparking imagination in children. Dive into the world of butterfly crafts as kids craft their own colorful creations using simple materials. If you need fun activities for children, they’re sure to enjoy hours of entertainment with this DIY project!

Talesa Wanless
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These beaded pipe cleaner butterflies are so pretty and so sparkly, and best of all, they're really easy to make!! You can make them in whatever colours you have on hand. I went with random colours from the same colour families for my butterflies, but you can also make them from one bead colour, rather than mixed. Or in a pattern. There's lots of options! My girls have a pretty big stash of beads at home. We've made our fair share of necklaces and bracelets over the years. I guess we're not…

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Are you looking for an easy craft to keep kids busy - try making pretty butterfly rings out of pipe cleaners. This low mess craft only takes 5 minutes but the results are so fun. Make pretty butterfly rings in different color combinations for every finger. You only need 2 1/2 pipe cleaners per ring so this is a great cheap craft to make at home!

Kristina Sager