Copic markers tutorial

Learn how to create stunning artworks using Copic markers with this step-by-step tutorial. Enhance your coloring skills and bring your imagination to life with these expert tips and techniques.
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5 Beginner Copic Marker Mistakes and How to Fix Them

You do not have to be a genius to make beautiful Copic Marker blends!No Mensa membership required! Coloring with markers is a skill. That’s good news; because if it's a skill, that means that it’s completely learnable!Everyone can learn to color well with Copic markers.But there is a learning curve-- and how quickly you progress depends upon your ability to diagnose the flaws in your technique…

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Coloring Tip: How to Color a Smooth Background (why Copic Markers leave stripes and streaks)

Do your Copic Marker backgrounds look streaky or striped?You’re not alone. It’s hard to create a smooth colorful background with Copic Markers.I see the streaky-background question posted on beginner marker groups at Facebook a lot. The sad thing is, the answers from the community are almost never correct. Today let’s look at how to color beautifully smooth backgrounds.

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Coloring simple bushes

Here is a very simple technique for rendering bushes, and can be applies to trees, or other plants. I use this technique more for bushes that are in the background, that you don't want to stand out or don't need much detail. Coloring Simple Background Bushes 1. Start by picking 3 colors. One nice thing about greens is that on a plant you don't need to be as careful about following the Natural blending family, as long as you have a light, middle and dark that aren't too different. Leaves in…

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