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By Solomon Shorter I know what you’re thinking right after you read the title. Another guy that thinks he’s going to tell me what gun I need or the type of training I need to defend my family in a SHTF situation. Nope. Not me. That’s a personal decision and all I can do is ... Read more

The virtues of being "Un-Tactical"

Handgun readers include law enforcement, security and military personnel, but the vast majority of us are armed citizens. Our responsibilities are limited to protecting “kith ’n kin.” We’re not combatants performing tactical operations taking down terrorists to save the world.

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Essentials, everyday carry, loadout and packing list of CIA gear and equipment; weapons, gadgets, clothing, armor, digital assets, kits, aces and resources. Spies, covert operative, agents, specialists, contractors and OPS support require a special set of tools to operate their special set of skills. Passports Dual or multiple sets of authentic and backstopped identity passports […]

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