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hi everyone!! this picrew is inspired by Lauren Faust's "Milky way and the galaxy girls" characters cause I thought it would've been cool to have a galaxy girl generator! I apologize in advance if some things look really weird, expecially the eye highlights (I recommend trying to move them around a bit if you didn't choose Milky Way's eyes, most of the times it works!!) so yeah uhm, have fun<33

max !!
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A blood connection does not make a family. I know we would all like to think we can trust our parents and our siblings but that is not always true. Sometimes they can be quite toxic and it is okay to cut them out of your life. I know society tells s that 'family is

Gary Raymo
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Have you ever doubted the integrity of your favorite character and felt like they are hiding something? The Wisconsin-based artist Alex Solis, also known as "alexmdc" and "oddworx," is continuing to reveal the secret identities of famous pop culture characters in his oddly fascinating series of illustrations called "Icons Unmasked." He removes the mask of Deadpool, Patrick Star, Rick and Morty, Yoda, even politicians, and many more to uncover who's actually behind those familiar faces, and…

Sara M