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Over the past week, I've seen this image multiple times on Facebook and elsewhere, a supposed denunciation of the Common Core version of math that kids are now learning: That picture is especially popular on conservatives' Facebook walls... and I'm sure one of your relatives has said something about it, too. On the surface, it seems ridiculous. The top makes sense; the bottom is silly; screw you, Common Core! Except that the top doesn't make sense, the bottom does, and the connection to…

Jessica Jackson Meacham
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Today we are going to visit some 4th grade worksheets. Let's see if you can figure out how to do them. First we have division using Base 10 which is a favorite strategy for Common Core. Anyone understand what or how this works? Our next worksheet comes with two issues. First, where in the directions does it say to use pictures. Secondly, what kind of pictures are the students supposed to use? What is it with Common Core and writing and explaining? This is math. The answer should be a number.

Brenda Fowler

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