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"It's an eerie feeling when you write a check and blindly send it overseas, not sure of what's going to come back." Jon Karel didn't normally conduct trans-Atlantic business, either personally or professionally, and he certainly didn't conduct such business on this scale. Yet about three or four yea...

Autocar C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90 (Commercial vehicles) - Trucksplanet Dodge Trucks, Commercial, Trucks, Heavy Duty Trucks, Ford Trucks, Heavy Truck, Chevy Nomad, Equipment Trailers, Trucks For Sale

In 1940 all Autocars changed their indexing. The bonneted trucks received the letter C, and the cabover - the letter U. The numbers in the index indicate the difference of weight and power characteristics of trucks. Autocar heavy gasoline trucks were called C-50 / C-60 / C-70 / C-80 / C-90.

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