Color theory art lessons high school

Enhance your high school art curriculum with engaging color theory lessons. Discover practical techniques and inspiring projects to ignite creativity and deepen understanding of color in art.
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Radial Design Color Wheels with a Resist Twist

One of my favorite Art 1 projects is the Radial Design Color Wheel. I tweak it every year, but I have to say starting the year with a proj...

Kelly Casey
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Color Theory and Balance

These projects began as a balanced, asymmetrical design using nonrepresentational geometric and organic shapes. Once the students from Port Huron Northern High School created their original design, they transferred it to a larger piece of paper four times to create a symmetrical design. From there the students painted each square using complementary, split complementary, analagous, and monochromatic color schemes. This project allowed the students to see how colors react with each other and…

Jennifer Diaz
So You Missed My Class: 4/16/12 2D Design Color Theory Projects, Color Theory Painting, Color Theory Lessons, 2d Painting, Color Theory Art, High School Art Lessons, School Painting, 2d Design, Black And White Photo

4/16/12 2D Design

Today's Class- Today we started a new graded project dealing with the idea of specific limited color palettes. While artists have traditionally painted realistic scenes by approximating the colors of nature, sometimes artists will purposely choose alternate approaches to color. We looked at a few dozen slides with examples of some of the common variations of limited palettes, then the class spent the day reproducing their chosen photos with different color schemes, as in the student examples…

jadyn moore
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Colored Pencil Color Theory Lesson - THAT ART TEACHER

This colored pencil color theory lesson focuses on color temperature and blending. This lesson has a free video tutorial ready to use!

miriam wolfson