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Explore the fascinating world of color psychology and learn how different colors can impact our emotions and behavior. Discover the secrets of using colors to create a positive and inspiring environment around you.
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This is the time of year when we look forward to more color — leaves and buds bursting out after a long barren winter, and exchanging black snow boots for polkadot rain boots! And as we think about color around us, it’s a great time to think about how you’re using color in your branding. I've shared

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Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly comforted, energized, or inspired? The colors you see can have a huge impact on your mood, and there's a science behind it. Color psychology is a fascinating topic that professionals have studied for years and can be used to create the perfect ambi

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An color psychology infographic to help small business owners choose colors for their website, logos and business branding. Colour Photography, Colour, Color, Color Photography, Colour Pallete, Color Palette, Instagram Feed Inspiration, Colour Pallette, Colour Palette

Colors and emotions go hand in hand when it comes to choosing your brand colors and building a website! This is where color psychology comes in - using colors and the emotions they evoke can be a powerful marketing tool for your small business. I created this color psychology infographic to help you see what colors evoke which emotions. Don't forget to check out my full article for more fascinating insights into color psychology and colors and emotions!

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