College dorm decorations

Make your college dorm feel like home with these creative decoration ideas. Discover how to personalize your space and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
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Explore the latest dorm room decor trends for fall 2023 in our comprehensive guide with Ever Lasting. This article delves into ten trends to elevate your dorm room, including cozy autumn hues, sustainable choices, plush textures, and nature-inspired decor. Discover how to create a stylish, organized, and tech-savvy dorm room that reflects your personality. Ever Lasting's premium bedding, decor, furniture, and organizers are featured throughout, offering practical solutions and design…

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GradTechSolutions LLC is offering a bedside cup holder that slides onto the college bed frame allowing easy access to water and valuables during the day and night time hours. The main uses are water bottles, cups, cans, phones, and keys. Other uses can include flower pots, medication, or anything you want to hold securely next to your bed. Be aware that the part on the back side of the cup holder fits a square bed post that measures a Width of 2.5 inches and Length of 2.5 inches or a little…