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Fed up with the search for a social solution to the present crisis, it aspires to be attacked wildly and painted as utterly black without a single virtue. Description from I searched for this on Dali Clock, Dali Tattoo, Salvador Dali Paintings, Clock Drawings, Salvador Dali Art, Melting Clock, Dali Paintings, Dali Art, Clock Painting

Smooth Grooves and Melted Clocks

By Pauly Los Angeles, CA Groove. Took me a couple of weeks but I found my groove. And it's a smooth one. Groove. Highly underrated. Better to be in a good groove then a choppy one. Groove rhymes with smooth. Sort of. Smooth groove. Groove smooth. But a groove is he epitome of smooth. Relaxing. Chill. Smooth sailing. May you're cup be full and may you always find your groove. I started the year out of sync. Unable to find a groove. I could not connect with myself. I picked the wrong day to…

Greg Weis
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Create your own Acrylic Wall Clock | Zazzle

Style: 8" Round Acrylic Wall Clock Customize your wall clock to create a functional wall décor statement piece to perfectly match your home décor, show off your art or favorite photo, or give as a personalized gift. This unique, high-quality wall clock is vibrantly printed with AcryliPrint®HD process, protected by a high-impact plexiglass crystal face and features a pre-installed backside hanging slot for easy hanging and a non-ticking design. 2 sizes: 8" diameter or 10.75" diameter…

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