Cleansing spray

Discover the power of cleansing spray to create a clean and inviting atmosphere in your home. Explore top ideas to freshen up your space and enjoy a renewed sense of tranquility.
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Energy Cleansing Room Sprays are a great alternative to smoke cleansing practices. You can spritz it in your sacred space before a ritual if your home feels “off” to remove any stagnant energy.

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Discover how to make your own smokeless smudge spray! DIY smudge spray with essential oils to clear negative energy. Click through for the recipe and a printable recipe card! #smudgespray #essentialoils #smokelesssmudgespray

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Clearing is the process of releasing and cleansing our energetic field. It's a necessary hygiene practice that should be done routinely to help keep your auric field clean. The practice of letting go of unwanted or unnecessary energies from our spiritual body is a practice that can and should be implemented by everyone. When we cleanse our energy field, we are releasing all of the unnecessary energies and spiritual toxins that we picked up throughout the day that aren't in our highest…

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