Cheap mixed drinks

Explore a collection of affordable and delicious mixed drink recipes. Mix up your favorite cocktails without breaking the bank. Try these budget-friendly recipes and enjoy refreshing drinks at home.
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It may surprise you that some of the cheapest drinks are among the most popular drinks at the bar. We've collected some of the best budget-friendly mixed drinks that you can easily make at home without spending a fortune!

Jackie Banks
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The best fruity drinks with rum! These rum cocktails are sweet, tropical, and perfect anytime you want to enjoy fruity mixed drinks with rum.

Johnshai Slater
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Whether you’re a college student on a tight budget or you’re hosting a giant party, drinking countless cans of cheap lager isn’t your only option. There are plenty of cocktails you can make that won’t break the bank but still taste delicious and are significantly higher in alcohol by volume. Below, you’ll find a diverse list of cheap cocktails that run the gamut, from tropical tequila to wintery vodka cocktails. #CheapCocktails

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