Ceramic pinch pots

Discover unique and practical ceramic pinch pot ideas to add a touch of artistry to your home decor. Explore different techniques and designs to create beautiful and functional pottery pieces.
knock this anthropologie wind chime off w/plastic easter egg halves go to site for instructions Ceramic Pottery, Fimo, Diy, Ceramic Art, Pottery, Pottery Classes, Air Dry Clay, Clay Pottery, Ceramic Clay

If you’ve got kids, you’ve been probably been finding random plastic Easter eggs around the house. Morena of Morena’s Corner shares a creative way to repurpose those eggs into a kid-friendly wind chime project. Morena painted her egg halves and then threaded them onto a wire to resemble a fish. A bell on the wire makes for a pretty jingling sound when the wind blows. Here’s what Morena has to say about her project, “It's a thrifty way to craft with kids while recycling at the same time…

Lou Crabtree