Cedar strip kayak

Discover expert tips and inspiration to build your own cedar strip kayak. Experience the joy of crafting a custom kayak that glides effortlessly through the water.
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Here we have two beautiful little kayaks designed for just about everyone to enjoy on the water. With big cockpits and ample stability, the emphasis is on comfort. But these boats really paddle well! Speed is excellent: you can really cover the miles in a day, while tracking is solid in stiff crosswinds.

Андрей Еремеев
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I build custom cedar strip Kayaks made from Western red cedar, Alaska yellow cedar and various hardwoods. These Kayaks are designed for the ocean. Each one is handmade to custom design and are guaranted in quality and workmanship. Magnetic clip on hatches make for watertight seals. These are works of art and also very durable and perform well in challenging conditions.

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The Siskiwit Bay is all-around fast mid-sized British-style touring kayak. This solid boat suits a medium to heavy paddler looking for good initial stability and with increased flare above the waterline lots of secondary stability. As the water gets rougher, this kayak feels more stable. It's a fast design slightly more efficient than most British kayaks in its class. When built with a Layback Lounge, it's an easy roller.

Stefan Hagwall